Samsung Galaxy S4 Shows Up on Company's Website, Smartphone to Run Tizen OS?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Shows Up on Company's Website, Smartphone to Run Tizen OS?

The upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone can now be seen on Samsung's website. The handset was recently spotted on the company's software download page under the codename Samsung GT-I9500X.

Samsung Galaxy S4 | Image courtesy of YouMobile

The X indicates that there will be more than one version of this device. The model number indicates that this is a high-end Samsung handset that belongs to the 'Galaxy S' family. The company's website does not reveal anything else about the smartphone.

This same Samsung GT-I9500 device showed up in recent benchmark results and software development kits. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to launch sometime after May 2013.

Samsung is expected to shift to its new Tizen OS and move away from its dependency on Android this year so the Galaxy S4 could end up not being powered by Google's software. If it does feature Android OS, than at the very least it should be running Android 4.2.1 when it is released.

In a recent Bloomberg report, Samsung confirmed that it would be moving away from Android and will begin releasing handsets running Tizen OS.

The company's reason for this is that it wants to take more control of its mobile experience that it is delivering to its users.

It will basically allow Samsung to have its own eco system. With Tizen, the company will now have full control over updates, features and hardware specifications of all of its products. However, Samsung has not revealed how it will begin to make the necessary changes.

In order to usher in a new OS, launching it on the flagship Galaxy S line would be good for marketing as fans of the former lines will purchase the next-generation model with the new software.

However, those who purchased the Galaxy S, S2, and S3 for their incorporation of Android could lose interest if Samsung releases the Galaxy S4 running Tizen OS.

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