Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge News: The New S7 Edge Might Be Offered in Two Display Variants; S7 Series Release by January 2016

YOUTUBE / HenriVITUSA screengrab from a video report on the rumored specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Another Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor is going around the Internet, and this has definitely got Samsung fans very excited. It appears that besides launching two Samsung Galaxy S7 variants, the Korean tech giant is actually rumored to be releasing three variants.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is previously reported to come in two variants, which are the 5.2-inch display variant and the 5.7-inch model. According to Alphr, the two models are actually not the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but are rather variants of the S7 Edge. The website said that the two models will be called the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Edge plus.

The news was first reported by SamsungViet, a dedicated Vietnamese tech website. The report also said that the two Edge models will be released on the same day that the Galaxy S7 will be launched. The Edge versions of the Galaxy S6 are quite popular these days, compared to its flat screen counterpart, which is the most likely reason why Samsung will unveil all S7 devices on the same day. The decision to prioritize the Edge variants may seem to be a big move from Samsung, yet fans are excited to see how the new flagship smartphones will turn out.

On the other hand, the company is rumored to fast-track the release of the Galaxy S7 series, and rumors are saying that it will be out by January. Earlier reports said that it will be launched by the end of February, the same time that the Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona. However, according to ET News, a Korean IT news website, Samsung will launch it in January to "completely change its strategy on smartphones."

No details are confirmed by Samsung yet, and Samsung lovers cannot wait to find out what the company has to offer on its newest Galaxy S7 smartphones.