Sara Bareilles- Katy Perry Did Not Steal My Song

Sara Bareilles finally silenced rumors that suggested Katy Perry's new song "Roar" was ripped from her song "Brave."

The internet was ablaze with drama when Perry released "Roar" last month, four months after Bareilles "Brave" hit the airwaves.

While both tunes include an inspiring message and lyrics about overcoming obstacles, Bareilles cleared the air on the similarities between "Roar" and "Brave."

"I don't feel like anything was taken from me artistically," said the 33-year-old singer speaking to the Associated Press on Tuesday. "I wasn't the one having problems with it. I look at it as two female artists who are releasing a message of empowerment."

In fact, Bareilles was "thrilled" about the uproar since it created more sales for her song.

"I was like, 'Great,'" she explained. "I was like, 'You guys want to go get [mad] about something and buy my music, that's great.'"

However, Bareilles disapproved of the drama online as it perpetuated competition in the industry.

"To be totally honest, I was sort of disappointed in how aggressive fans were being about it," she said. "I don't promote drama in my life and competition and stuff like that."

Perry and Bareilles even discussed the drama and joked about combining their songs.

"We actually talked about it," said Bareilles. "We're like, 'Should we just work on a mash-up and let everybody know we're not mad at each other?'"

To listen to Bareilles "Brave," visit YouTube here. For Perry's "Roar," listen here.

Meanwhile, Bareilles just released her third album, "The Blessed Unrest," in July.

Alternately, Perry's "Roar" has reached no. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart. The song marks Perry's eighth number-one song.

The "California Gurlz" singer's fourth album, "Prism," hits stores Oct. 22.