Sarah Silverman Dad Slams Rabbi: 'False God Rant' Follows Rabbi's Rebuke of Comedienne

Sarah Silverman's dad has slammed a rabbi for writing an allegedly condescending letter to his daughter.

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt reportedly saw Silverman's "Let My People Vote" PSA that seeks to raise awareness of how voter ID laws across various American states block voters from voting. That program sparked the rabbi to write an open letter to Silverman.

The rabbi wrote the open letter and published it on Jewish Press, where he stated that he did not believe that Silverman was living according to the central ways of the Jewish faith.

The rabbi claimed Silverman's "ideology is secular."

He also added that "your culture may be Jewish, but your mind is not."

His stinging remarks continued saying, "Nothing you say or stand for" has been in accordance with the Jewish faith, and "that the monogamous relationship is the most meaningful one and that a happy marriage is the key to wholesomeness."

The 41 year old comedienne did not directly respond but her father did, and he slammed the rabbi for this comments, rebuking the rabbi's faith and beliefs.

The father said, "Hey Rabbi Idiot: Is your wife allowed to go to a minion or sit at the front if a bus or choose between abortion or birth. Take your false god and shove god up your judgmental ***. Check your wonderful bible and learn about your cruel god from a book you believe in literally."