Scandal Season 3 Finale Live Stream Free, ABC TV Start Time: Watch Scandal Online With 'Explosive' Ending Promised

The Scandal Season 3 finale takes place on Thursday night, and fans of the ABC drama show can expect a dramatic and action-packed episode tonight. The Scandal Season 3 finale is scheduled to have an air time of 10 p.m. ET and the episode can be watched on TV on the ABC network, or online through free live stream (details below).

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)

Tonight's episode will see the season reach a dramatic climax, as President Fitz looks like he might struggle in the upcoming election.

On top of all that, Fitz's life is also under threat, and combined the two storylines will make for edge of the seat viewing for fans.

Those behind the show have promised that fans will not be left disappointed and that things will sign off in Season 3 with a bang – that may be literally true!

Jake, played by Scott Foley on the show, has spoken out ahead of the airing of the episode and he has given some strong indications that the finale will be an explosive affair.

"Twitter will explode. Explode!" Foley, said about the finale.

Writers behind the show will no doubt want to do something dramatic to keep fans wanting to come back for more in Season 4. However, that might mean they pull out a twist that could shock and upset some fans.

Foley has also indicated that this could be the case here, and that he does not expect fans to react completely positive about the ending this time.

"This final moment will be divisive. Some people will think, 'Thank God, yes, that's exactly what we wanted to see happen.' Other people will be up in arms," Foley said.

The Scandal Season 3 finale will air on Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET and can be watched on TV on the ABC network. The show can also be watched online through free live stream with an ABC link found by clicking here.