Scary Clowns Return to Pennsylvania as New One Tries to Lure a 9-Year-Old

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(Photo: Reuters/Vincent Kessler)A participant of a "Zombie Walk" poses for a portrait in Strasbourg.

Another clown sighting has been reported in Pennsylvania, making it the first in a really long while.

According to WCMH-TV Columbus, a clown attempted to draw in a nine-year-old girl traveling around the neighborhood on her scooter with money.

Wilkes-Barre authorities explain that the incident, which took place around 10:10 in the morning, involved the clown appearing from behind the girl. He proceeded to give her either a $20 or $50 bill to get her to come with him.

The attempt was unsuccessful as the little girl instead ran screaming toward her grandmother's house. The clown, on the other hand, ran and disappeared into a railroad trestle nearby.

The police say the clown was thin and tall with his face and arms painted white. He had red hair that parted in the center and wore blue-and-red polka dot shirt and yellow pants.

It was back in March since the last clown sighting was reported in Pennsylvania. The incident involved a couple of armed men dressed as clowns and terrorized a group of children.

"My kid came running in the house screaming that there were two guys chasing him," Michael Milkowski, a father of three, told KDKA. He adds:

I said to my kids "are you lying or something" and they were like "no we're being really serious." I looked over and they showed me where they were and there's two guys running up a hillside.

Clown sightings, however, started summer of last year with the first one documented in South Carolina, where a group of creepy clowns tried to lure kids into the woods.

Since then, the cases of clown scares shot up and ultimately spread in different regions including parts of the United Kingdom. Majority of the sightings, however, occurred in the United States although many of the cases are pranks and imitations.