Second Hernandez Jail Letter: 'There Is No Internet in Jail, LOL'

A second letter written by former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez has surfaced on the Internet.

Hernandez wrote his first letter last week, pledging his innocence and assuring a fan who reached out to him that the murder charges were all a part of God's plan for him. Hernandez wrote a second letter over the weekend, addressed to a female fan who began a Facebook page in support of the player.

The letter, obtained by TMZ, read:

"Thanks for the support and it means alot! This will all come to an end and there is a reason God put me thru this. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for the site and [sorry] I can't check site there is no internet in jail lol."

It is unclear how Hernandez became aware of the support page in the first place. The player was however informed by prison officials that his letters were being made public. The player was advised to write with more "caution" according to TMZ.

In his second letter, Hernandez addressed this issue.

"P.S. Please keep this letter off social media and private. Means a lot for all the support," he told the fan.

The first letter was addressed to a man named "Karl" who claimed he wrote to Hernandez because had stayed in the same prison more than 15 years ago and though Hernandez could use some encouragement.

He later sold the letter for an unknown sum. It was purchased by TMZ from a Boston Sporting Goods company for $18,000, according to CBS.

After the letter surfaced on the Internet, Karl wrote a second letter to Hernandez apologizing for leaking the first.

 "I don't like the way it got out," Karl said, according to "I wrote [Hernandez] last night because I don't want him to think it was all about money."