Selena Gomez Dating Gucci Mane? Rapper Responds

Selena Gomez has been linked to singer Justin Bieber for some time, but now rapper Gucci Mane is responding to reports about a romantic union taking place between he and the 20-year-old actress.

Gomez and Gucci Mane, the 33-year-old rapper born Radric Davis, worked on the movie spring breakers with one another. After some rumors began about the pair having a possible romantic union, the rapper did not hesitate to speak up.

"I don't know why they made such a crazy cruel rumor. Cause I think she was dating Justin Bieber at the time," Gucci Mane told Fader magazine recently. "Really I don't have no idea what was going on with Selena Gomez cause I only know her briefly from doing the Spring Breakers movie, and from what I know of her she's a nice young lady."

The rapper called Gomez a nice girl, but insisted that they did nothing more than work on a movie together.

"I don't know her personally, I never dated her," he told Fader. "I wish her the best, she's a talented actor and a nice girl, but she and I never dated."

While Gomez and 19-year-old Canadian crooner Justin Bieber have been fueling rumors that they have been dating in recent months, the actress has not been forthcoming about confirming or denying what is taking place in her romantic life.

"I think I've actually given enough of myself, if that makes sense," Gomez told Z100 radio station when asked about Bieber last April. "I feel within my music, and even how I handle myself in interviews, people think they know, but they really actually don't… in a way, I like to keep myself a little bit private, but at the same time people do assume things."