Skylar Neese Missing, Family Fearful as FBI Joins Search

Skylar Neese has been missing since July 7, and her family is now increasingly fearing for her safety and life. Neese is only 16 and was last seen getting into a vehicle at night. She has not been seen or heard from since.

The FBI has now joined the investigation, and are urgently searching for leads into where she may have been taken.

The Neese family last saw Skylar after she arrived home from a shift at Wendy's in West Virginia. She immediately went to her room, but later left. Surveillance footage showed Skylar getting into her friend's Sedan, but no other footage has surfaced.

It's a puzzling mystery that has the Neese family, local officials, and now the FBI searching for the young girl. One lead could come from her Twitter account, in which the final message posted reads, "You doing (explicative) like that is why I will NEVER completely trust you."

Other posts show a frustrated and discouraged Skylar: "Stress will be the death of me. Sick of being at (explicative) home. Thanks 'friends,' love hanging out with you all too. It really doesn't take much to (explicative) me off."

Yet friends and family have not said whether they have figured out whom Skylar was talking about in her tweet. Instead, they are focusing on the driver of the Sedan, who claims she dropped Skylar off later.

"The police interviewed the friend, and she admitted she picked Skylar up that night but swears she dropped her off an hour later. The girl said Skylar was insistent that she be dropped off down the street so her friend's car did not wake anyone," her cousin, Rikki Woodall has said, according to the Huffington Post.

"She loves school. She's a great, 4.0 student who is in honors classes, so when school started and she was not in class, people started to really question whether something might seriously be wrong. She has a lot of friends and is big into social networks but has not been online since she disappeared… her cell phone has not been turned on," Woodall added.

"We just want to know she is safe. If she needs help, she's got people ready and willing to help her with whatever she needs," Woodall said.

Anyone with information about Skylar is encouraged to call the Star City Police Department at 304-599-3550.