'Sniper Elite 4' DLC: New Mini-Campaign 'Deathstorm' Goes Live With New Multiplayer Mode

Rebellion DevelopmentsPromotional image for 'Sniper Elite 4's' newest DLC mini-campaign 'Deathstorm.'

The first part of the downloadable content mini-campaign for "Sniper Elite 4" called "Deathstorm" goes live this week along with a new multiplayer game mode.

"Deathstorm's" first part will be specifically called "Inception" and it can accommodate up to two players in its entire gameplay mechanics. "Deathstorm" is a three-part DLC mini-campaign. The second and third titles under it are coming in April and May, respectively.

"Inception" is still based on the events of the main game but will send gamers to a chilly environment somewhere in northern Italy where a bomb strike has recently hit a Nazi naval base. The objective for players, who control the main protagonist sniper Karl Fairburne, is to follow through with the damage that the bomb strike previously caused.

In an official blog by developer Rebellion Developments, it has also been teased that the "primary mission concerns the secret Manhattan Project: To retrieve a critical, mysterious package codenamed Deathstorm."

On the other hand, the new multiplayer mode will be called "Elimination." There shall be two teams with six players each per game. The main goal, as the name suggests, is for each team to get the upper hand by eliminating members from the opposing crew. When a player gets killed, he has to temporarily sit out from the game. He can get back to the battle once his team is able to kill one of their opponents.

So a team who has a fewer active members can still win in the end since they only have to kill an opponent to bring back one of their sidelined comrades. As Rebellion Developments teases in the same blog, "In Elimination, all is not lost, even when you're 1 v 6."

On the other hand, Rebellion Developments will bring out the Night Fighter Expansion Pack that contains three new firearms, new "night-time camo rifle skins" that can be used with up to eight weapons, and new skins for male and female characters.

Part one of "Deathstorm," "Elimination," and the Night Fighter Expansion Pack arrives on Tuesday, March 21.