'Sons of Anarchy' Spin-Off Cast News 2017: 'Mayans MC' Casts Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes

Facebook/SonsofAnarchy"Sons of Anarchy" spin-off titled "Mayans MC," already casts several actors in leading roles.

"Mayans MC," a spin-off of FX's drama series "Sons of Anarchy," confirms that a new cast member is on board. The latest addition is Clayton Cardenas (from "American Crime") who has been tapped to play the role of Angel Reyes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Angel is EZ's brother and a full patch member of the Mayans MC. Angel reportedly "lives with the burden" of being the somehow unimportant other son of a Mexican family. Fans may remember the Mayans MC as a recurring force in the original "Sons of Anarchy" series.

Casting is still underway for the main character, EZ, whose story will be the main point of "Mayans MC." The show is set years after the events of "Sons of Anarchy," and EZ is a prospect in the Mayans MC charter on the Mexican border.

EZ is known for his desire to exact revenge against a cartel but is conflicted with his need to gain respect from the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, the father of the Reyes brothers, Felipe, is confirmed to be played by Edward James Olmos (from "Battlestar Galactica"), a character described as a former strong patriarch who kept many of his secrets and past buried in an attempt to lead his sons to a better and lawful path.

The cast and crew are expected to start filming the pilot episode next month, with Kurt Sutter and Elgin James working on the show's script. "Mayans MC" will not be able to set foot in the same North Carolina location as "Sons Of Anarchy."

Sutter previously broke the news about the "Sons of Anarchy" spin-off on August 2015 before launching the period drama, "The Bastard Executioner." He said that the spin-off will be an entirely different show with a unique style, tone, pace and storytelling format.

Furthermore, Sutter chose to work with Elgin to give "a strong, unique Latino voice" since the show aims to capture Latin culture and traditions.