Sony Vaio Pro 13 Specs, Features: A Nice Ultrabook, But Lacks Power


The Vaio Pro 13 is the latest in Sony's line of flagship ultrabook laptops. The Pro 13 is known for its portability, its Full HD 1920x1080p screen resolution and its fast processor speed. It also has full HDMI support as well as an IPS 10-point touch screen.

One of the main features that the laptop possesses is its small design profile. It is thin and light, measuring 0.68 x 12.75 x 8.5-inches while weighing only 2.3lbs. The Pro 13 is reliably portable and will easily fit in any travel bag. The laptop may be thin but it is in no way fragile as the body is made out of carbon fiber to give it its sturdiness and rigidity.

For the Pro 13's size, the performance packed into it is a surprise as not too many laptops of the same size can quite match up to Sony's in terms of speed. It is equipped with an Intel Core i5-4200U processor and a PCI-e based 128GB SSD. The internal storage might not be enough for some heavier laptop users but the laptop can be connected to an external storage device via USB 3.0.

Despite the high-end performance of the Vaio Pro 13, it doesn't lead the ultrabook pack when it comes to battery performance. From full battery life to a total drain, the Pro 13 lasts for around 6 hours and 23 minutes. This puts it on level with the Asus Zenbook Prime Touch and Dell XPS 13-MLK.

The duration is good if not bad but Sony's Vaio Pro 13 6-hour run time pales in comparison against Apple's 13-inch Macbook Air's 15-hour run time.

Overall, the Vaio Pro 13 performs really well for its size, given its fast processor and impressive display resolution. The battery life bogs it down, however, and puts it behind some longer lasting laptops like the Macbook Air.