Spike Albrecht, Kate Upton Twitter Posts: Michigan Player Tweets Model After NCAA 2013 Title Game (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter/Kate Upton)Kate Upton was at the NCAA 2013 title game to support the Michigan Wolverines.

Spike Albrecht has tweeted Kate Upton following the NCAA 2013 Championship Final game on Monday night. The Michigan basketball player tweeted the model following the Wolverines' game against the Louisville Cardinals.

The freshman backup featured at the game at the Georgia Dome on Monday night, and he used the attention to connect with the popular model.

He tweeted to the Sports Illustrated model: "@KateUpton hey saw you at the game last night, thanks for coming out!"

He added, "Hope to see you again," along with a smiley face.

Albrecht was one of the stars of the game on Monday, scoring 17 points, including four 3-pointers, in a 20 minute spell on court.

Upton, 20, was at the title game supporting the Wolverines. She was born in Michigan and had tweeted about the Wolverines throughout their campaign to the final.

However, despite Albrecht's efforts, and Upton's support, Michigan were defeated in the game in a 82-76 loss to Louisville.

It seems Upton was too disappointed with the loss to respond to Albrecht, and by Tuesday afternoon she still had not gotten back to the Michigan player.

The model has admitted that her family are die hard Michigan fans. According to the the Bleacher Report, she explained that calling her family simply "fans" was an "understatement." She said, "We have our family reunions for the Ohio-State Michigan (football) game every year."

Here is a video of an interview with Spike Albrecht: