Sprint Media Event on Oct. 7 Related to iPhone 5 Launch?

A Sprint media event scheduled for Oct. 7, the same date as the rumored launch of iPhone 5, may have nothing to do with the popular Apple product at all, according to a spokesman for the company.

“As Dan Hesse [CEO of Sprint] said during our 2Q earnings call, Sprint is holding an event for the investor community to discuss in greater detail Sprints network evolution plans,” Sprint spokesman Scott Sloat told The Christian Post. “We have no comments on any rumors or speculation relating to the iPhone.”

Although the event is focused on network evolution plans, it is still coincidental that the rumored iPhone release date and its date match up perfectly.

But Apple has not yet announced which iPhone they will release, whether it be an updated iPhone 4 or a brand new model which rumor mills dub the iPhone 5.

Its move to Sprint proves that Apple is attempting to conquer more of the market with its leading smartphone.

But they still need to clarify all of the information that is spreading like wildfire all over the internet.

The iPhone would allow Sprint to better compete against mobile giants AT&T and Verizon.

Apple plans to hold its own media event sometime this month which should reveal the details of the next generation iPhone.

The internet was flooded with iPhone 5 hype this week after a prototype of the next-generation Apple device supposedly went missing in a bar.

Photos of case schematics were reportedly leaked, renderings have been drawn up based on those cases, and the iPhone 5 device is supposed sport a larger screen and thinner tapered design compared to the iPhone 4, according to those illustrations.

The buzz has been built up tremendously as the iPhone 5 remains one of the highest trending topics on the internet.

Sprint will undoubtedly capitalize off joining forces with Apple after all of the hype for this highly anticipated smartphone.