'Star Trek: Discovery' Premiere Date Still Uncertain

"Star Trek" fans were ecstatic when they found out that their beloved science fiction TV franchise would be gracing the small screen once more with the upcoming launch of "Star Trek: Discovery." However, the show's production has been a tumultuous ride so far, with the departure of a highly-regarded showrunner and with production and premiere dates getting delayed on several occasions.

Facebook/StarTrekCBSA promotional photo for the upcoming CBS All Access original series "Star Trek: Discovery."

Recently, things have begun to come together with new showrunners selected, castings confirmed and the series' production having officially begun. Nevertheless, in an interview with Vulture, CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise revealed that they have not established an official premiere date for the series.

"It's going great, I've actually been up there [to the set]. It is, you know, phenomenal. It is huge. And we're very excited about the content, the creators, the actors, all coming together. As you said, we're not tied to any specific release date. It'll be there when we're ready to do it, and when we feel it's in a great place. We're not worried about anything here. We're excited, and we'll have more specifics as we get closer to what will likely be the release dates."

"Star Trek: Discovery" was originally slated for a May 2017 debut, but production delays pushed the release window even further. When it does premiere, the first episode of the series will air on CBS, while the remainder of the 13-episode first season will debut on the network's streaming subscription service, CBS All Access.

The new "Star Trek" series takes place around a decade before the events of the five-year mission of "Star Trek: The Original Series." Breaking from franchise tradition, the show's main protagonist will not be a captain but will be First Officer Michael Burnham, who will be portrayed by "The Walking Dead" actress Sonequa Martin-Green.

The cast of "Star Trek: Discovery" includes Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca; James Frain as Sarek, Spock's father; and Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou, the captain of another Starfleet ship, the Shenzhou.

Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp both play science officers, while Mary Wiseman will play a final year Starfleet Academy cadet.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is rumored to premiere in the fall of 2017.