Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Details: Millennium Falcon Spotted Alongside J.J. Abrams

Star Wars Episode 7 creators recently tweeted out a picture that hints at the Millennium Falcon being a part of the film's plot.

What could be a part of the legendary ship sits in back of the movie's director J.J. Abrams, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and a shiny R2-D2. Behind them is a heavily scaffolded structure that looks like an incomplete section of the ship's cockpit.

"With #StarWars director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathy Kennedy, talking to a key cast member," read the tweet that was sent out from U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. He was allowed to tour Pinewood Studios which is located just outside of London.

Fans have weighed in on the pic and pointed out that the Falcon's cockpit window looks like a tie fighter. This could point to a plot involving the Empire.

However, Star Wars Episode 7 will not feature any appearances from the beloved Darth Vader.

James Earl Jones, the voice behind the character recently discussed the movie franchise in an interview with Variety where he was asked if he was going to play a role in the upcoming sequel.

"Oh no," said Jones. I've got no illusions that I will or even hankerings to be in them, but I'm very proud to have been part of the original."

Even though Vader died in Return of the Jedi, there is still a chance that he could appear in flashbacks. Jones' comments should be taken with a grain of salt as actors statements on sequels are sometimes made to keep their appearance a surprise.

He also stated that he's looking forward to seeing what Disney will do with Star Wars.

"I have no idea where they'll go with it, but I hope they sustain the success of the first ones and do it well," he said.