Steve Irwin's Son Following in His Footsteps, a 'Natural' at Handling Crocs

It's been six years this month that Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" was killed after being stung by a stingray. His two children, daughter Bindi and son Robert both seem to be following in their father's footsteps, even though they are still relatively young.

Robert came to fame when his dad held him while feeding a grown crocodile as it lunged for the meaty treat. Irwin came under intense scrutiny for his actions but vowed that his baby boy was perfectly safe. Now Robert is handling the crocodiles all by himself and helping zoo keepers entertain the masses.

He assists at the "Crocoseum" at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, holding and playing around with the smaller creatures. It's only the first step as the younger Irwin gets his feet wet and develops a repartee with the reptiles.

Big sister Bindi has also found her own niche in the animal entertainment industry. She has hosted her own television show for children, written several books and even recorded a CD. All of her adventures somehow manage to capture and express her love for her father and the animals she works with.

According to Bindi's website, she, Robert, and their mother Terri will appear on a new TV series entitled "Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors" that debuts next month in Australia. "It aims to show how Terri and children Bindi, 14, and Robert, 8, and staff at Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital and Rescue Unite at Beerwah are continuing the Crocodile Hunter's work.

A special treat for Irwin fans is that there will be unseen footage of Steve doing what he loves most. "Steve filmed about 300 documentaries but only 30 made it to free-to-air television in Australia. So we have the capacity to bring forward footage of Steve and incorporate it into continuing his legacy," Terri said.