Styles Dating 33-Year-Old? One Direction's Harry Styles, Kimberly Stewart Only for Cameras? (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @Harry_StylesOne Direction star Harry Styles

Harry Styles is dating 33-year-old, Kimberly Stewart, according to new reports, but the pair are only together to pose for cameras, according to sources.

The 19-year old One Direction singer was recently photographed with 33-year-old Stewart, who is the daughter of rock legend Rod Stewart. Aside from the age difference, many of his fans were shocked because Kim is mother to a one and a half year-old daughter, Delilah, whose father is Hollywood actor Benicio del Toro.

However, a new report suggested that the new romance is all for show and publicity.

"Kimberly and Harry are just friends," a source told FOX411's Pop Tarts. "Rod (Stewart) really likes Harry, so it's good PR for him. There's nothing going on. It's just PR fun."

The pair was photographed on April 25 in Los Angeles as they left the eatery Dan Tana's. They were reportedly joined at the restaurant by Rod and his wife, Penny Lancaster.

"Kim and Harry sat next to one another" an eyewitness told E! News. "He had his arm around her."

Styles and Stewart first drew media attention a few weeks ago. A different source at the time said the romance was real.

"They were introduced by a mutual friend who set them up," the insider said. "Kim is very strong willed, she goes for what she wants and Harry appreciates that. It is a very new thing and we'll see where it goes."

The news comes following reports that Harry Styles will reportedly open up about his brief relationship with Taylor Swift in an upcoming documentary, and a new report claims the singer takes a swipe at the country music star.

"I haven't met a girl yet who I'd want to even think of getting serious with," UK's Daily Star Sunday has reported the star says in the highly anticipated film. "I think I've been unlucky in love so far. But then, I haven't really met anyone who's made the earth move for me."

He reportedly calls Swift a "pain" in the documentary as well.