Super Smash Bros 4 Characters Let Off Some Steam in New Pictures

Super Smash Bros 4 characters will show their fatigue in the upcoming Wii U version of the game.

Director Masahiro Sakurai released a picture today that shows heavily damaged characters literally letting out steam.

"Characters that have heavy damage slowly start to emit steam. When your opponent starts to get nice and smoky, give 'em a solid attack," wrote Sakurai.

Yesterday's picture showed off an accessory known as the rocket belt.

"The rocket belt from Pilotwings lets you fly upward by jumping," he said. This is a really useful item for characters that have weaker recoveries. By the way, is that cape fireproof?"

The 30th character for Super Smash Bros 4 on the 3DS and Wii U was revealed at the end of last week to be Fire Emblem's Ike. Sakurai broke the news on his MiiVerse account.

"Pic of the day. Ike, the swordsman of magnificent strength, joins the battle!! Strike your foes down with his powerful smash attacks," he said.

Nintendo confirmed to IGN last month that the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros will launch sometime in the summer this year. Wii U fans will have to wait until the winter to get their hands on this epic fighting title.

Sakurai discussed how multiplayer will work in the game with IGN. He stated that players can play online with friends and can also engage in a handful of different multiplayer modes. There will be two distinct forms for multiplayer including "For Fun" and "For Glory."

For Fun only records players wins, and pits opponents against each other in random stages that include all items. For Glory levels the playing field by removing items and setting every match on a Final Destination version of certain levels. Wins and Losses will be tracked in For Glory.