Super Smash Bros 4 Director Shares His Thoughts on PS4

Super Smash Bros 4 director Masahiro Sakurai recently reviewed the PS4 console online.

"What I found most appealing was the machine's power," he said regarding Sony's system. "Looking over the various software, the screens are detailed and smooth. Load times are short and there are no slowdowns. Such performance right out the gate- this will help a lot of developers."

The Nintendo developer loves the company that he works for, but is not shy about being a fan and owner of rival consoles.

"Whether it's Nintendo or Sony, Japanese or foreign, I don't care about picking sides," he said. "I work hoping that the future of games and the game business will be more fun."

His main complaint was that the PS4 was not directly compatible with the older PlayStation systems.

"If only I could play PS3 games on it, I could pack up my PS4 and my room would be cleaner," Sakurai said.

While he's not having fun playing the PS4, Sakurai stays busy creating the next Smash Bros. games for the 3DS and Wii U. He also leaks pictures from his time in the lab.

One of the latest pics for the Super Smash Bros 4 3DS version featured a Lumiose City stage from Pokemon X and Y. Sakurai posted up the image featuring the new level on his Miiverse earlier this week.

"The Prism Tower rises about Lumiose City. Up until a few seconds ago, the fighters were brawling on top of that tower. No, really," said Sakurai in his Miiverse post.

New pics from both the Wii U and 3DS versions are posted by Sakurai almost every day in Nintendo's Miiverse. Another recent pic reveals King Dedede from the Kirby universe unleashing an attack that could end up being the most powerful one in the game.