Switchfoot 'Fading West' Holiday Packages Includes Exclusive 'Backstage EP #2'

Every year Christian rock band Switchfoot releases a special holiday package to give their fans a significant discount on merchandise for Christmas.

Most years the band will put out an exclusive album or DVD just for this occasion, and this time around fans will be able to get their hands on the Backstage EP #2, a digital followup to the first one last year.

"This year's Backstage EP was recorded in a backstage bathroom (awkward?) in Lubbock, TX. It doesn't get more 'backstage' than that! It was actually chosen for its fine acoustics, and as awkward as the recording process might have been, we think it turned out sounding pretty great. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the janitor walk in on the session. I've never seen someone leave the room so quickly," said bass player Tim Foreman.

"We also included a live recording from one of our favorite moments from the fall Fading West tour, a true California campfire sing-a-long, with everyone huddled around just one microphone at the front of the stage. We hope you dig it!" he added.

Backstage EP #2 Track listing:
1. Faust, Midas, and myself (backstage acoustic)
2. Only Hope (backstage acoustic)
3. Hello Hurricane (live, recorded around 1 microphone in Charlottesville, VA during the Fading West tour)

There are three packages available:

Standard Holiday Package $30 (reg. $47)
Includes: Fading West EP with download code for full album in January, Fading West Film download card with collectible DVD cover with download code, an autographed Christmas card, Backstage EP #2 download, and Fading West Movie poster.

Deluxe Package with T- Shirt $55 (reg. $84)
Includes: Everything above plus choice of a t-shirt, Fading West buttons and a Fading West Tour dog tag.

Deluxe Package with Hoodie $75 (reg. $104)
Includes: Everything mentioned above plus a hoodie.

Last month the band released their first single off the forthcoming album, "Love Alone is Worth the Fight," and it debuted at no. 34 on the National Christian Audience chart.