'Tales of Berseria' PC, PS4 Demo Downloads Now Available; Shows Off New Combat System

Full version of 'Tales of Berseria' to be released first in the U.S. on Jan. 24

"Tales of Berseria" is set to be released in the United States in just a couple of weeks, but for those fans who simply can't wait any longer to try out the new role-playing game, they can go ahead and download the recently released demos.

Official Tales of BlogVelvet Crowe (wearing shades), is the main protagonist of the soon-to-be released 'Tales of Berseria'

PC and PlayStation 4 demos of the game are now live and ready to download for interested players, according to a recent post on The Official Tales Of Blog.

Once players are able to download the demo, they can proceed to familiarize themselves with the battle system "Berseria" offers.

The "Tales" series has always differed quite a bit from other established RPG franchises when it comes to the battle systems they offer.

Instead of going with traditional, turn-based systems or first-person combat systems, the "Tales" series blends elements of those together.

Players need to move around constantly on the battlefield in "Tales" games either to attack their enemies or to avoid them, and while that same basic system will be featured in "Berseria," it has still been updated quite a bit.

In a separate post on The Official Tales Of Blog, developers revealed that the upcoming game will utilize the new Soul Gauge system that is expected to give players even more control over the flow of the battles. Developers also shared that "the battle system has never been this flexible and strategic."

Players will also be able to control the battle cameras completely, so instances of enemies being obscured by certain camera angles should be minimized and perhaps be even eliminated completely.

"Berseria" will also feature its fair share of mini-games that are designed to provide a bit of a break from the main narrative along with several special items that players may need to spend hours trying to collect.

The PS4 version of "Tales of Berseria" will be released first in the U.S. on Jan. 24, while the PC version will be made available a few days later on the 27th.