Taryn Manning Arrested, Actress Faces Assault Charges

Taryn Manning was arrested after allegedly attacking and choking her personal assistant in a New York City hotel room on Thursday.

The actress was arraigned on Friday, which was one day after the early morning incident with assistant Holliann Hartman. The attack occured inside the Chelsea area in the Dream Hotel, according to The New York Post.

Manning was accused of punching her makeup artist and assistant in the face, according to the criminal complaint. She also kicked her in the face and torso, while scratching and choking the woman, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources revealed that the victim, Hartman, is 23-years-old.

Manning, 33, spent 24 hours in jail before she was released and charged with misdemeanor assault.

The actress' lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, defended his client, explaining that the incident involving Manning and her assistant was minor. There was simply "a little misunderstanding between the two," he reportedly told Fox News.

Holly the makeup artist and Manning were longtime friends who even live together in Los Angeles, according to People.com.

"They'd been together every waking minute and they got on each other's nerves and had a little incident," Tacopina told People. "It was a minor physical incident."

Following Manning's release on bail, Tacopina added that Hartman will not likely press charges.

"I expect it to be resolved based on conversation I had with [Holly Hartman]," said the defense lawyer.

Manning is due back in court on Nov. 13.

Manning, perhaps best known for her role in the film "8 Mile" alongside Eminem, has also starred in films "Crazy/Beautiful," "Crossroads," "A Lot Like Love," and "Hustle & Flow," among others. She has also appeared on television including guest appearances on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Burn Notice."

In addition to her acting career, the Arizona native is the vocalist for the electronic duo Boomkat and co-owns the clothing brand Born Uniqorn with her brother Kellin.