Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Duet Has Fans in Rapture in NY 'Speak Now' Concert

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have performed their very first duet together Tuesday night before an ecstatic packed crowd in New York.

Swift was performing for her fans at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on her “Speak Now” tour, when special guest Selena Gomez appeared to a rapturous applause to join Swift for a song.

Swift, 21, has become close friends with Gomez, 18, over recent months, and they came together this time, for the first time, to sing together Gomez’s popular hit song “Who Says?”

The special guest was obviously greatly appreciated by the fans, who cheered and sang along to the exclusive duet between the two starlets.

Later in Swift’s show, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Taylor also joined her on stage for another duet, this time together covering her classic hit “Fire and Rain.”

Swift also revealed to her fans that she was named after the legendary star.

Taylor remained on stage with Swift to also offer fans a special guitar support for Swift’s fan favorite “15.”