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Teachers' Union Refuses to Work with Trump, Vows to Push 'Transgender' Ideology on Students

Teachers' Union Refuses to Work with Trump, Vows to Push 'Transgender' Ideology on Students

America's teachers' union is refusing to work with President Trump on education issues and has vowed to promote "transgender" ideology among students.

Delegates raise their hands to vote on a resolution during the 95th National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly on July 4, 2016 at the Convention Center in Washington D.C. | (PHOTO: NEA)

The 3.2-million-member National Education Association (NEA) also called on Trump's Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, to resign if she does not heed NEA demands, LifeSite News reported.

It likewise advocated restrictions on private charter schools during its annual convention in Boston that ended on Thursday.

The NEA's more than 7,000 "Representative Assembly" delegates passed dozens of left-leaning resolutions.

NEA president Lily Eskelsen Garcia lambasted Trump, calling his administration "cruel" and "callous" to American children and their families.

She also blasted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for allegedly refusing to protect "transgender" students. However, LifeSiteNews described the accusation as "odd" since DeVos recently appointed an open lesbian and LGBT advocate, Candace Jackson, to the department's Office of Civil Rights.

"I will not allow the National Education Association to be used by Donald Trump or by Betsy DeVos. I do not trust their motives. I do not believe their alternative facts. I see no reason to assume they will do in our children's best interests or their families'," Eskelsen Garcia declared as NEA delegates gave her a standing ovation.

Pro-family activist and Mission America president Linda Harvey lamented the course of action that NEA has taken.

"The NEA, having backed Hillary Clinton and opposed school choice, has now come completely unglued with Donald Trump as president, and seems ready to launch a nationwide resistance movement," Harvey told LifeSiteNews.

She also deplored the group for applauding "destructive homosexual and gender-defiant behavior among both teachers and students."

"It's time for America to face facts. This is a lavishly-funded, taxpayer-subsidized sedition movement, using our schools as its base of operations and our children as indoctrinated agents of change," Harvey warned.

Pro-family advocate Diane Gramley said NEA's leftist ideology helps explain America's public education crisis.

"I read through the first 100 or so and determined the NEA should not be allowed near children," said Gramley, president of American Family Association of Pennsylvania.


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