Teaser Website for 'Skyrim' Switch Edition Now Live, Highlights Features Exclusive to the Platform

'Skyrim' Switch edition expected to be released later this year
NintendoItems inspired by 'The Legend of Zelda' are available in the Nintendo Switch version of 'Skyrim'

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" will be given a new home later this year when it is released on the Nintendo Switch, and fans can now learn more about what this latest version can offer.

Since this is a new version of the game coming out for yet another platform, it should probably come as no surprise that there are some Switch-exclusive features being offered to players.

The Switch-exclusive features have been detailed over on the game's new teaser site.

First off, developers are offering Switch owners new pieces of equipment that can help them show off their love for one of Nintendo's most beloved creations.

By using a "Legend of Zelda" character amiibo, players give themselves chances to snag some really nice pieces of gear that take some inspiration from the aforementioned Nintendo franchise. The items players can acquire include the iconic Champion's Tunic as well as the sturdy and ornately designed Hylian Shield.

The item that will probably become the most sought after by players, however, is the Master Sword, and it does indeed look pretty cool even inside Tamriel.

Aside from the items inspired by "The Legend of Zelda," there are other ones players can obtain by using some other amiibos compatible with the Switch edition of "Skyrim." Players are apparently going to receive a chest of loot if they do this, though it is unclear what the chest actually contains.

The upcoming game is also going to take advantage of the platform's available motion controls. When using these motion controls, players can attack enemies and even pick locks.

Notably, the Switch version is also going to come with all the additional items that were originally made available via the "Dawnguard," "Dragonborn" and "Hearthfire" DLC packs.

An exact release date for the Switch edition of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" has not been announced just yet, though the game is expected to hit stores sometime during the holiday season.