Tebow's Patriots Hopes: 'Just Worried About Improving'

Even with his NFL career on the line, Tim Tebow says the best thing to focus on right now is improving his game.

While he may have suffered more than his fair share of let downs, Tim Tebow isn't letting a bad situation get him down yet- even if his NFL career with the New England Patriots is on the line. The Patriots will soon be forced to cut their 90-player roster down to 75. While some cuts have already been made, they are currently down to 84, many more will have to occur.

The situation isn't a good one for Tebow, a third string quarterback on the team whose first two preseason games have fallen short of elevating his position. But Tebow is staying positive.

"Just worried about improving every single day and having fun out there at practice," he told reporters when questioned about whether he was feeling pressured over the cuts. The Patriots have kept three quarterbacks on their roster just once, according to ESPN.

Tebow also wasn't afraid to laugh at him self a little. When asked whether the situation was making him hungry he said: "No, I eat enough."

Tebow currently has a combined 5-for-19 for 54 yards passing in two preseason games. But he may also have some hidden talents that aren't as easy to measure says Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells.

"I think (Tebow) has some attributes that are difficult to see, and I respect those attributes. He's accomplished a great deal in his football career. He really has," Parcells told USA Today. 'But he has to pass the ball better."

Tebow says that he is trying to deal.

"You definitely want to do better in some areas, and also you have different things happen that you just try to handle the best way you can," the player told ESPN.