Teen Dies Playing Russian Roulette: Officials Fear New Trend in Michigan

A 14-year-old boy was found dead after playing a dangerous game known as Russian Roulette. He is the second to die in such a way in just a matter of months, which has authorities wondering if the game is becoming a new trend.

According to police, witnesses said that a small group of the boys was playing the game, which requires one to point a gun at one's head, spin the cylinder and shoot. If no bullet is fired, the gun passes on to the next person. Unfortunately, this 16-year-old boy lost his life in the midst of the game.

"He was a very good kid … I guess he just got into the hands of the wrong crowd," Media Winfield, the victim's cousin, told WXYZ-TV. "His mom is down there just, you know, she's hurt. What mom wouldn't be, to get called from work, and to know that I'm thinking my son's at school and now he's dead."

One of the boys initially ran away and tried to hide the gun but changed his mind, returned to the scene, and gave the gun to police. He has reportedly been taken into custody, though he has not been charged with any crime as of now.

"You have a group of teenagers together and, for whatever reason, they decide to start playing with a weapon, you know– that's the elements of disaster," Detroit Police Inspector Dwayne Blackmon told WXYZ.

In March, 16-year-old Brandon Kulper passed away after being shot in the face while playing a version of Russian Roulette. His friend, Richey Usher, was charged with manslaughter and could face 15 years in prison.

"Richey, himself, is a country guy, so he has guns. I know kids would go over there and shoot guns and go squirrel hunting and do all that other stuff. Richey would never use the guns to harm someone. Brandon, he was outgoing, he was always nice to everybody, really," classmate Trey Tetro told Fox 17 News.

According to authorities, Brandon, Richey, and four other teens were hanging out at Richey's home, where there was alcohol, marijuana and a gun. The boys began playing their game, and sadly, Brandon lost his life. Friends and family were shocked by the loss of Brandon and Richey's arrest and possible time in prison.

"I will never hate Richie; I know it was an accident," Tetro explained. "It's tragic that I lost Brandon, but Richey was there and Richey (accidentally pulled the trigger), so I'm pretty sure he feels a lot worse than I do."