'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Receives Twitter Proposal From Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Edwards

All Ryan Edwards seems to want for Christmas is his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his son, Maci Bookout. The "Teen Mom" couple exchanged words on Twitter that led to a marriage proposal by Edwards.

"Maci Bookout marry me!" Edwards tweeted on Thursday.

He did not get the response he was expecting, when Bookout replied, "Ur [explicative] got hacked BRO! Outta ur mind haha."

Edwards persisted, though, and said he "would never let that happen." Bookout then asked what he meant by that, and Edwards responded, "It means that I want to get on one knee and tell you how much I love you."

"Twitter is not the place," Bookout finally said. "Ima kill u."

The couple has had its ups and downs ever since being on MTV's "16 & Pregnant." Edwards often left Bookout alone with their son, Bentley, to go out partying with his friends. They were engaged at one point, but Bookout broke it off after a final dispute and moved further away from Edwards to start a new life.

She dated childhood friend Kyle King and even moved in with him, but things went sour when Bookout revealed she wanted more kids, sooner rather than later. The couple finally separated for good in September. Edwards also had a steady girlfriend during this time, but they recently broke up.

Now that they are both single, will Bookout and Edwards be able to put aside their differences and give a relationship another go? Bookout has often spoken about having her family altogether, with Edwards being a more significant part of Bentley's life.

One major difference this time around is that there are no MTV cameras capturing every moment of their lives. "Teen Mom" recently ended its four-year run, leaving Bookout, and Edwards, with a lot more freedom in their lives.

"Never give up on what you believe is right… no matter what gets in the way!" Edwards posted after his exchange with Bookout.