Temple Run 2 Review, Game Launches for Android OS

Temple Run 2 was released for iOS earlier this month and became available on Android in the Google Play store this week.

The game plays much like its predecessor, with some new additions, including the ability to swing from ropes and different landscapes. Instead of being in a swampy looking area like in the first Temple Run, the player now has to escape the grasp of a giant monkey in a temple that appears to be floating in the sky. The player can also jump into a cart and navigate their way through mines.

Temple Run 2 plays a bit smoother than the original version and features some new obstacles, including flowing rivers and areas where the ground just completely falls out from under you. And instead of being chased by a bunch of small monkey creatures, Temple Run 2 features one giant monkey creature looking to get you at every turn.

Temple Run is a pretty basic game that features a man running from vicious monkey creatures in the jungle collecting coins and power ups and dodging obstacles. The player must navigate through the terrain by using the touchscreen on their device to jump by swiping up, and to slide under things by swiping down. Tilting the screen on each side makes the runner either bear right or bear left, and the creators did a good job with implementing the rope zip line into Temple Run 2 as the runner has to be able swing in either direction to collect coins.

Temple Run 2 does a good job in not straying too far away from the simple fun original version and adds a few nice features. Other than that, it's nothing groundbreaking.

Android users looking to download Temple Run 2 might have issues when looking for it in the Google Play store. If you can't find it there, open the original Temple Run and it should prompt you to install the new version.