Terrell Owens Avoids Arrest

Terrell Owens’ warrant was rescinded on Monday, after the troubled wide receiver paid the amount of backed child support owed to one of his four children’s mothers.

Owens paid Monique Reynolds, one of four babies mothers, which her attorney said would make things right between the two in the court room.

“Terrell Owens has today paid his child support obligation to Monique Reynolds, and Ms. Reynolds has requested that the Court dismiss her contempt motion and recall the associated warrant that was issued," the attorney said, according to TMZ.

The warrant was issued after Owens failed to show up for a court date concerning child support payments that he had not made and was trying to lower. The wideout failed to arrive at his court appearance due to a highly publicized workout on Oct. 24 that was supposed to convince a team to sign him after a recovery from knee surgery.

While TMZ reports that the veteran football star attempted to change his court appointment, representatives for Reynolds refused to do so. Diana Bianchini, a spokeswoman for Owens, said the still unsigned free agent did not have proper legal representation when he attempted to change his court date.

Bianchini said Owens is "deeply upset that anyone would misconstrue his nonappearance in court.”

However, the wide receiver was able to work the situation out and avoid arrest.

The wideout recently spoke with fans on Twitter about his child support issues and the mother of his child.

"Dude I know the chick you have the baby by, all I can say is DAMN what were you thinking," one person questioned on Twitter.

Terrell admitted he made a mistake by associating with the woman.

“My only answer is I wasn't thinking. A mistake I can't take back but I love my daughter,” Owens responded. “You live and learn and I'm learning a lot about myself, friends (and) kids' moms but thing are gonna work out for the better!"

Another fan gave Owens positive words: “Hang in there Terrell..God is watching over you. No worries!"

Owens agreed and responded: "Yes he is and I have to remind myself of that."