Tesla Model 3 News: Buyers Wait Patiently As Delivery Delays Continue

Facebook/teslaPromo photo of the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders continue to wait patiently as the automaker struggles with manufacturing bottlenecks. Tesla already pushed back production targets by at least a quarter and despite rumors that it will only get worse, buyers aren't budging.

One such buyer is Brian Lawley was among the first to reserve a Model 3 after standing in a lengthy line in March 2016. He put down $2,000 for not one but two reservations but after nearly 20 months, his dream electric car is still not the driveway and worse, it seems the wait just got longer.

However, this doesn't bother Lawley as much as most people would think. Speaking with Bloomberg, the 53-year-old CEO of a consulting firm revealed why he has yet to cancel his order.

"I just want Tesla to get the Model 3 right, even if it takes them an extra six months," said Lawley. "I view any delays as a good thing to make sure that the quality is excellent."

And he is not alone because, despite reports that Tesla is currently embroiled in production hell, none of the reservation holders had canceled their orders. This is also after Tesla announced this month it won't hit a production rate of 5,000 Model 3 sedans per week until March.

Out of 20 customers who reserved a Tesla Model 3 surveyed by Bloomberg, only two were even considering canceling their reservations and so far have yet to do so. Only one was selling his reservation however, this is because he is moving out of the country.

It is possible buyers already accounted for the delay before putting in their reservations and after spending that initial $1,000 they may not miss it. But while most buyers might not mind getting a grand tied up for Tesla Model 3, 20 months seems to be too long a wait for a car that is still less than a sure thing.