Texas Christian University Rejects Ad for Pro-Gun Event, Bars Raffle for Concealed Carry Class

A Texas academic institution rejected an ad and barred a raffle for a free concealed carry class at a pro-Second Amendment event organized by a nationwide conservative student group.

Texas Christian University rejected a proposed ad by Young Americans for Freedom for a pro-gun rights event, barring the flyer from being posted at facilities.

The university also did not allow a raffle to take place at the on-campus event whose winner would have received a free concealed carry class.

Kathleen D'Urso, a TCU student and spokesperson for YAF, told The Christian Post that her organization wanted to hold the event due to its apparent relevance to campus issues.

"We immediately thought of a Second Amendment event because of the sexual assault and robbery issues that happen on or within just a few feet of campus," said D'Urso.

"After doing more research, we actually found that there is a concentration of sexual predators surrounding TCU. Considering our school is 60 percent female, our Second Amendment rights are definitely something that needed be talked about."

According to D'Urso, she agreed with the reasoning made by officials to reject the raffle, since it was initially only going to be open to students 21 and older.

"This initiative was rejected by TCU because it 'excluded students who are under 21.' We realized this was a valid point, and decided to raffle a shotgun training class for anyone over 18 instead," said D'Urso.

"This was also rejected, making it clear the school's issue had nothing to do with age requirements. We were told to consider other, 'less dangerous things like paintball.' This is ironic, seeing that a game of paintball is much more dangerous than a shotgun training class with a licensed professional and paper targets."

YAF held the event featuring former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan, who served in the Reagan administration, last week with an estimated 40 students in attendance. YAF members were allowed to post a different flyer that lacked a shotgun image.

Lisa Albert, director of strategic communications for TCU, provided The Christian Post with a statement saying that the raffle's aim contradicted the university's policies against concealed carry on campus.

"The Marketing & Communication team, as well as Student Affairs staff, offered several alternative options for publicity to the student group and we did allow the event to take place on campus," read the statement in part.

"The root of the issue is that allowing promotion of an event with guns sends a mixed message to campus since we do not allow guns on campus."