Texas Pastor and Father of Four J. Josh Smith Asks Church to Help Pray for Miracle for Wife Battling Heart-Threatening Cancer

(Photo: jjoshsmith.org)Pastor J. Josh Smith (2nd r), his wife Andrea (2nd l) and their four daughters.

After months of fighting an aggressive cancer threatening his wife's heart with medical care, Texas pastor J. Josh Smith of MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church is now desperate for a miracle and has reached out to the public to help him pray for it.

"For about a week now I have wanted to ask people to join me in praying for a miracle but have been hesitant to do so," wrote Smith on his blog Monday.

"What if we ask God to do something big and then he doesn't come through? What will the watching world think about God? Will this just give them more reason not to believe? I hate to say it, but I've been afraid I might embarrass God," he noted.

Before musing over those thoughts, however, Smith, who has four daughters with his wife, Andrea, boldly declared his request while sharing his fear in asking.

"We want to see a miracle. A genuine miracle. A heaven sent, mind blowing, unexplainable, supernatural work of God. I'm not afraid to say it. I'm not even afraid for you to know it. But strangely, I've been afraid to pray for it or ask you to join me in praying for it," said Smith.

Last summer Smith revealed on his church's website, how the cancer had spread inside his wife's chest cavity and the faith journey they embarked on as they fought with the help of their doctors.

Despite the month's long treatment process, however, Smith said his wife's last PET scan showed a "spot 'about the size of a walnut' (the doctors exact words) just above her heart."

"They have no idea what it is but they have to find out. We have learned that the only way to do that is with a robotic surgery. And instead of doing a simple biopsy, they have chosen to go in and completely remove the spot. It is a surgery that comes with some risks because of its location and will require a few days in the hospital," he said explaining the treatment process.

He then revealed the specific miracle he is looking for.

"We are praying that the CT scan on Jan. 8 will not show a spot at all. That's right. A miracle. We are praying that spot will have been miraculously removed to the amazement of all our doctors and to the glory of God," he noted.

"God can choose to do whatever he chooses to do and we trust him completely. Again, our hope is in GOD not just His answers to prayer. But we want to ask. We want to ask God to do something miraculous. I feel like I would be disobedient if I didn't pray this way and ask you to join us," he said.

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