'The 100' Season 4 Spoilers and Updates: Improved and Stronger Raven Version 2.0 Can Bring the People to Safety; Clarke to Fall In Love Again in New Season

Planet Eart is only habitable for only 6 months more and Raven can help save it with her acquired ALIE powers

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Some interesting character transformations and interesting storylines await viewers of "The 100" Season 4 according to the cast of The CW series in a recent forum. A new love interest for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is also possibly in the works for the new season.

Raven version 2.0

Lindsey Morgan who plays Raven Reyes, teased her character's development in "The 100" Season 4 in the same occasion. According to her, Raven will be a totally new person in the new season. She in fact calls the new Raven as Raven 2.0.

Morgan revealed that Raven has undergone an upgrade when ALIE and the rest of Raven's companions turned her into a better and powerful person. The fact that Raven was almost in the brink of death in the previous season of "The 100" alone made her a stronger person.

Too apologetic

Meanwhile, Eliza Taylor also spoke about Clarke's fate in "The 100" Season 4. Taylor wants her character to stop being too apologetic. She says that Clarke almost always says sorry every time she is able to save someone or saves the world itself from destruction.

Taylor went on to say that she hopes that Clarke will share the responsibility of saving the world with others instead of doing it all alone in "The 100" Season 4. She wants her character to be relieved of too much burden for a change.

New romance for Clarke

Fans may look forward to something about Clarke though in "The 100" Season 4. According to Taylor, after the main character of the series has suffered some heartaches in the previous seasons, Clarke may find someone new to love again.Taylor said in an interview that she doesn't think that it will be the end for Clarke in finding romance no matter how much she thinks she will never fall in love again.

Nuclear meltdown threat

Meanwhile, "The 100" Season 4 spoilers tease that the Grounders and the Sky People will have to work together if they want to survive. In last season's finale, ALIE (Erica Cerra) warned Clarke that there will be a nuclear meltdown that will make Earth inhabitable for the next six months only.

Clarke, together with the rest of the survivors will do everything to prevent that from happening in "The 100" Season 4. It will prove to be quite difficult for them because only four percent of the planet are considered to be the safe zones. Clarke and the rest must be able to find the safe zones in order to survive the nuclear meltdown.

Raven can save the people

Raven however, will be returning to "The 100" Season 4 with ALIE's capabilities. She will be able to interpret the codes that will help them either to stop the nuclear meltdown or find the safety zones that will bring the people to safety.

Eliza Taylor's wish for Clarke to not carry all the burden of saving the planet may be coming true in "The 100" Season 4 . With all the details that have been coming out for the new season, it looks like there is somebody other than Clarke who can save the people, and she is Raven.

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