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'The 100' Season 5 Spoilers: A New Serial Killer Is On The Loose

'The 100' Season 5 Spoilers: A New Serial Killer Is On The Loose

Promo image for 'The 100' season 5 | Facebook/cwthe100

"Power" alum Mike Dopud had been tapped to play an important recurring role in "The 100" season 5.

Deadline revealed that Dopud will play the role of Vinson. The character was described as a person who has the looks of an ordinary professor than a convicted criminal, which is why he appears to stand out from the rest of the people who came from the prison ship called Eligius.

But despite his very polite behaviour, Vinson will still be a big threat this season because he is known as a merciless serial killer who is known for terrifying even the most hardened criminals.

Vinson will not be the only villain who will threaten the remaining inhabitants of the Earth, including Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and the rest of the people from Arkadia. According to TVLine, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series will include Spanish actor William Miller in the season 5 cast to portray the role of Robert McCreary, who is described as a "mysterious prisoner aboard the long-distance mining mission sent from our time. A former enforcer from a powerful crime syndicate, his ruthless, violent methods make him a formidable antagonist to our heroes."

Other new cast additions include "Shadowhunters" star Lola Flanery as Clarke's daughter Mad, "Peaky Blinders" cast member Jordan Bolger as the space explorer named Zeke, as well as "Banshee" actress Ivana Milicevic as the military strategist named Charmaine.

However, the details about the other inhabitants of the Elgius remain under wraps. But since the ship is known for containing some of the world's most notorious criminals before the Earth was destroyed by the first nuclear bombs, fans can expect to see more ruthless characters to be introduced in the upcoming season. This means that Clarke, Bellamy (Bob Morley), and the rest of their crew will try to survive the Earth despite the new threats.

The CW has yet to announce the premiere date of "The 100" season 5, but the show is expected to air in early 2018.


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