Luisa Discovers Husband Cole's Secret in 'The Affair' Season 4

Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) will soon know what her husband is up to when she is not around in the upcoming season of "The Affair."

Facebook/TheAffairShowtimeSecrets will be revealed in the upcoming season of "The Affair."

According to recent spoilers, Cole (Joshua Jackson) will likely continue his illicit affair with Alison (Ruth Wilson) in the new installment of the Showtime series.

At the moment, Luisa is still not aware of what has been happening between him and his ex-wife. She does not know that Cole and Alison have slept together. Cole is wracked up with guilt, but he cannot seem to stay away from Alison.

Luisa's fear of Alison destroying her marriage is coming true. Previously, she complained to Cole that Alison's presence in their lives would cause problems not only for them, but for little Joanie (Reagan & Savannah Grella) as well.

The little girl stayed with Cole because the court would not grant Alison joint custody. Because of the arrangement, the ex-couple saw a lot of each other. Old feelings soon resurfaced and both did the unthinkable. Alison was convinced Cole still loves her, but he denied it.

Luisa was enraged that Alison was always in their house, but Cole made it clear that as Joanie's mother, she has the right to see her kid. To solve the problem, Luisa tried to support Alison's joint custody request. She believed that by doing so, she and Cole would finally get rid of the other woman.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear if Noah's (Dominic West) sister, Nina (Jennifer Esposito), will return in season 4. The ex-author previously stayed with her after getting out of prison. Nina has made no secret of the fact that she dislikes her brother's ex-wife, Helen (Maura Tierney). Helen is now back with her boyfriend, Vic (Omar Metwally), while Noah is involved with Juliette (Irène Jacob).

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Esposito expressed her hopes of playing the character again.

"Yes, we do want to know more about Nina! Bring her back, Season 4. I would love it. I don't know anything now, but people were writing, 'We need Nina's point of view' ... We'd love to see Nina and her point of view, oh my God," Esposito said.

"The Affair" season 4 is rumored to return late 2017.