'The Amazing Race' Season 30 Spoilers: Race Car Drivers to Team Up for the Show?

Facebook/AmazingRacePromo image for 'The Amazing Race' on CBS

Recent reports suggest that the next team to join "The Amazing Race" season 30 is a pair of professional race car drivers.

This month, the 30th installment of reality show "The Amazing Race" started filming. However, its network, CBS, and everyone else attached to the series are keeping quiet on the teams' compositions and the identity of the contestants joining the series this season.

According to My Statesman, a rumor recently making the rounds suggested that well-known Formula One racers, Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly, would be teaming up for "The Amazing Race" season 30.

One of the facts that triggered the rumors was Rossi's and Daly's absence in the Formula One event happening this month in Austin, Texas.

The report added that Daly had suddenly and mysteriously gone silent on social media, which fans deemed to be unusual since the professional driver was also known for being very active in posting updates through his Twitter page.

Added to that, My Statesman noted that both Rossi and Daly were currently unreachable for comments to deny or confirm rumors that attached them to "The Amazing Race" season 30.

Meanwhile, the report added that the only confirmation on the whereabouts of Daly came from his father who said the racer left for Iceland last Sept. 20.

In other related news, CBS has so far only confirmed the personalities making up the first team joining "The Amazing Race" season 30, namely Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson -- reality stars known for building a showmance (show romance) during their stint at "Big Brother" season 19.

CBS said in the statement: "On Sunday, Oct. 1 at 11:30 AM ET, the couple—whose steamy in-house showmance is still going strong IRL—will hit the ground running during the show's live start at Washington Square Park at 5th Ave and Waverly Place in New York City."

Meanwhile, as for Rossi's and Daly's involvement in the show, producers and CBS are yet to confirm or deny any news.