'The Bachelor' Contestant Courtney Robertson Fooled Show Producers to Win

A "Bachelor" source has revealed to US Weekly that bachelorette Courtney Robertson, competed on the reality show's sixteenth season not to win bachelor Ben Flajnik's heart, but solely to win the game.

The US Weekly issue, which will hit the stands February 20, tells how the reality star apparently fooled everyone in the casting process. "She seemed sweet and normal," the source told the magazine.

In the show, Robertson , 28, a model from Santa Monica, Calif., tried use both seduction and aggression to win over Faljnik, causing a stir with the other contestants. She shocked viewers by both taking off her top on a group date, and going skinny dipping with Flainik, revealing how far she would go to win.

According to the source it was also fame that motivated her: "It became clear Courtney came on the show to win. It wasn't about Ben or finding true love. She just wanted to be famous."

Other sources disagree, claiming her personality shown on the show is truly a reflection of how she really is.

"Producers want the show to be believable. They are sensitive about finding people who aren't there for the right reasons, but Courtney tricked them," the insider told Us.

The source also says that the model knows exactly how to win men over, which would make it easy for her to try the same tactics on Flajnik.

"She knows exactly what to say to guys," a source said. "Her best line is before having sex with a man. She'll ask him, 'Are you ready for your date with destiny?'"

Robertson is no stranger to fame; she dated former "Desperate Housewives" star Jesse Metcalfe for two years. The couple split, however, in 2007, after Metcalfe spent a stint in rehab, and Robertson apparently wasn't ready to put an end to her wild partying ways.

The star reportedly told him she needed a three-month break from the relationship, but the pair called it quits there.