'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Wants A 'Lady,' Not A 'Drunk'

Sean Lowe, the Christian model confirmed as ABC's new "Bachelor," has reportedly started filming for Season 17 and the show's host, Chris Harrison, recently spoke out about his journey so far.

Lowe, 28, was left heartbroken during season eight of "The Bachelorette" when Emily Maynard, 26 eliminated him during episode 9. He will now star in his very own spinoff show in his new pursuit at finding love and Harrison revealed that so far, he has made some wise decisions.

"Sean's doing great and his choices and decisions so far have been really good. He's handling it really well," Harrison told Us magazine on Oct. 28 in Los Angeles. "I think people are really going to like him because he's so sincere. He really is looking for that someone and that makes it fun for everyone."

The Texas native, who also works as an insurance salesman, describes himself as a simple man with a strong Christian faith on his personal Twitter page. While he is open to having fun, Harrison revealed that he is not looking for drunken party types who have been known to create drama in prior seasons.

"He's not looking for a Southern belle per se, but he's looking for a lady: someone who respects herself and her family," said Harrison.

"It's not a crazy, 'Let's get drunk, let's get naked' type of season because that's not Sean. [The Bachelor] really does take the shape of the character and that's not him," he added.

The reality TV franchise, which first debuted in 2002, acts as a dating game show where female contestants compete for the love of an eligible bachelor. Since 2003, an eligible bachelorette has also been created in a spin-off show which caters to male contestants.

The show's season finale will often feature a marriage proposal, and although many past winners have failed to sustain their relationships after the show. Lowe is determined to make the right decision as he reportedly takes marriage very seriously.

"He really wants to find love. His mom and dad have been married for many, many years and they're sort of the role model he's looking for. It'll be an interesting season," Harrison explained.