'The Bachelor' Season Finale: Will Courtney Actually Win? (VIDEO)

It has been a long, intense season of "The Bachelor," and it all comes down to one final rose ceremony in tonight's season finale.

The public has already learned that bachelor Ben Flajnik chose mean-girl Courtney Robertson, who made sure audiences knew she was "in it to win it." Many questioned whether Robertson was on the show merely to win or to actually form a relationship with Flajnik.

Host Chris Harrison told People that Flajnik has endured a "more competitive and darker" season than most bachelors and bachelorettes. The season "has raised a lot of debate and outrage from viewers. Ben was taken aback by the public outcry and the anger he's faced. The Courtney thing was not easy for him to endure."

Robertson has been an incredibly controversial character on the show, making sure she put on a good appearance for Flajnik and apparently not caring about the other girls' feelings. She famously gave the nicknames "Horsey," "Fatty" and "the Kid" to her fellow contestants but later apologized on last week's reunion special.

"For [Ben] to go through so much trouble and pain, unless he's a masochist, definitely leads me to believe he wants to find love. A lesser guy—or a guy who didn't care—would have checked out a long time ago. But he fought like hell the entire time and ended up with a final two he really connected with and cared about," Harrison said.

Flajnik has told the former contestants that he doesn't mind Robertson's attitude or behavior on the show. "She said some mean things and that's not cool, but she is actually a sweet girl. Nobody gets to see [that] because of editing and stuff, which is sad," he said on the reunion special.

"The Bachelor" season finale airs tonight on ABC.