'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7 Spoilers: Bill Nye on His Guest Appearance

CBS's hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory" is airing a new episode tonight with guest stars Bob Newhart and Bill Nye The Science Guy. What's in store for tonight's episode? Check out what Bill Nye teases, just be wary of spoilers ahead.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Billy Nye The Science Guy spilled some information about tonight's episode, and explained what his experience working on the show has been like.

"They bring [Newhart] back by having the gang meet him in a drugstore. And you know Bob Newhart's timing is just amazing," Nye said. "So Sheldon goes up to him and says, 'Excuse me, Prof. Proton, you probably don't remember me because of your advanced age' … Prof. Proton ends up talking to Leonard about this idea he has for nano-vacuum tubes, a hypothetical thing. And Sheldon, in order to compete with him, brings me on. And it turns out Prof. Proton feels that Bill Nye the Science Guy stole his shtick."

It seems Nye very much enjoyed working with veteran actor and comedian Bob Newhart.

"It was so fantastic. The guy is very professional. He shows up ready to work, he knows his lines, does the fake smile. There's a part where Sheldon says, 'Look how happy he is!' and Bob Newhart has that timing where Sheldon's looking at him and he's smiling and the moment Sheldon turns away he's ready to blow his brains out. It's very funny. At one point, Prof. Proton is angry at Bill Nye. And when Bob Newhart comes at you as an actor, and he's angry, Whoa! It took me a moment to remember that we are actors acting," he told Entertainment Weekly.

Nye also hinted at the chance of him returning to the show in the future.

"I very much hope I come back. Bob Newhart has a three-appearance deal so he'll be on once more, at least," Nye said.