'The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures' E-book Available During Holidays on iOS Devices

Apple’s iPhone and iPad owners can now take advantage of a new e-Book now available for the Christmas season titled, “The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures.”

This new e-Book was created by iAdverti, a company that specializes in developing, publishing and editing original titles of e-books, electronic magazines in digital form.

“The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures” is made specifically for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It features 3D animated scenes made from hand-colored illustrations, amazing effects, interactive features and quotes from the Bible.

“Now is the time to purchase ‘The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures’ and immerse yourself in reading the most original Bible app and one of the best books in the App Store,” said Kristina Jakubikova, iAdverti’s junior manager of communications, to The Christian Post.

The e-Book guides the user through a picture-by-picture account of the original Christmas while playing atmospheric music as the slide show progresses.

“The book offers amazing depictions of events from the biblical past, covering the birth of Jesus Christ through to his baptism,” said Jakubikova.

Every 3D image contained in the application was specifically designed for the displays on the iPad and the iPhone making it a unique experience for Apple fans.

Users can interact with the 32-featured images by using the touchscreen on the iOS devices.

The e-Book comes in 11 different languages including English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, French and many others.

A preview of the e-Book can now be accessed on YouTube.

“The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures” e-Book can be bought through Apple’s iTunes store.