The City Harmonic Bassist Diagnosed With Leukemia

Christian band The City Harmonic is asking their fans, friends, and families to keep the band in prayer as they have just been hit with terrible news.

Bass player, Eric Fusilier has just been diagnosed with Leukemia.

The band posted a letter on their website that read:

Dear friends and family of The City Harmonic, it is with a heavy and yet hopeful heart that we ask your help in prayer. A few nights ago, our brother-in-Christ and bandmate Eric Fusilier was feeling weak and unable to move. As such, he and his wife visited the doctor and underwent a series of tests. Within a matter of hours they received a phone call urging them to hurry him to a hospital for further tests and to treat some serious concerns.

Yesterday morning we heard from Laura that Eric has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of Leukemia known as ALL, or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Thankfully, this is a treatable and potentially curable cancer, however, it will be a challenging road ahead for Eric and Laura’s families as well as their friends and family.

For now, we simply ask that you join with us in prayer for the Eric, Laura, and all those touched by him. Please pray for his health and well-being, and thank God for his courage and continued good-spirits in this difficult time.


Elias, Eric, Aaron and Josh

No word as to what the band will do about touring or if the news effects them as a band.

The band released their first full length album, “I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home),” in October.

The City Harmonic, often described as a cross between Coldplay and Arcade Fire with a British-pop flare, are blatantly Christian with every song they perform.

Drawing off modern worship, The City Harmonic builds upon music that both inspires the listener to action and makes them feel involved in the song.

One track off the new album, "Holy (Wedding Day)" is already being heralded by as being one of the best songs in Christian music for the year stating on their album review, "Hands down, lyrically, doctrinally and musically, it is one of the most solid songs of the year, with such powerful words they shout."

The album is expected to skyrocket the groups already rapid success as they build upon the buzz they created with last year’s hit, "Manifesto." The song spent 15 weeks on Billboard Magazine's Christian chart and the album was ranked No. 5 on iTunes in Christian sales.

Colorado Rockies outfielder, Seth Smith, uses "Manifesto" as his at-bat music. They sold 60,000 copies of their EP.