The Dark Knight Rises on iOS and Android - Game Review

With "The Dark Knight Rises" hitting theaters from last Friday Batman fans are flocking to see the concluding part of Christopher Nolan's highly praised trilogy. However, also running alongside the movie release is the game version of "The Dark Knight Rises" released by Gameloft, and available for the iOS and Android.

The game should excite hardened fans and is filled with numerous details that should please most, such as a full range of Batman gadgets and vehicles for the Dark Knight. The game also boasts impressive graphics and gameplay.

The game follows the same storyline as the movie and allows users to fight Gotham's worst as the caped crusader. There are some performance issues, and also the game does rely heavily on in-app purchases, but somehow the game overcomes those issues to bring a game to the market that most Batman fans will love and enjoy.

Like the film, the game is set eight years following the Joker's exploits in "The Dark Knight." The game is set throughout six chapters and sees Batman faced with evil fiend Bane, as well as Catwoman, Selina Kyle. However, be warned those of you who have not yet seen the movie - the game version does include numerous spoilers, so if you are trying to avoid anything that gives away the plot line of the movie before seeing it, then you are recommended to get down to your local theater before working your way through this game.

Some of the graphics in the game are stunning, and others...well not so stunning. Alfred and Selina Kyle look very similar to their on screen actors Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway. And some of the speech in the game, particularly from the Dark Knight himself will delight fans who shiver every time he speaks in that dark, menacing voice - which is featured very well in the game version.

Overall, not the best game on the market by a long chalk, but features enough from the film to keep ardent Batman fans happy.