'The Division 2' is Official, Two Years After Release of Original

UbisoftPromo image for "The Division"

Two years to the day since the release of "The Division," Ubisoft has finally announced the game's sequel aptly titled "The Division 2." In a recent livestream, the publisher confirmed earlier leaks of a sequel to the hit action role-playing game.

It also revealed that it will also be developed by the same primary studios behind the first game. This means that along with the already confirmed Massive Entertainment, Red Storm and Ubisoft Reflections will also develop the sequel on the same Snowdrop Engine that powered the first game.

But perhaps the biggest and most surprising detail about the sequel is that players will be able to carry over their progress from "The Division." While the company has yet to lay out how this will happen, it's definitely an excited prospect that will keep fans on their feet.

Rumors of the sequel began stock website 4-Traders which published a blog post from Ubisoft creative director Julian Gerighty. While this alone can be considered a weak hint, it was later reinforced by an image showing The Division 2's logo has been discovered on Ubisoft's own website.

Following this recent announcement however, "The Division 2" is a rumor no more. And thinking about it, it wasn't really that surprising that Ubisoft would green light a sequel.

While the original game was met with criticism after its launch, Ubisoft didn't simply give up on it. Though weeks of continuous updates and patches, the game gained some traction and eventually became one of the company's top-selling games.

The game features a sprawling open world set in a mid-crisis Manhattan. While at first glance the game is just another typical shooter, the addition of various RPG elements gave it a unique gameplay that was an instant hit among fans. Instead of gathering potions and tomes, players gathered resources such as guns and intel, truly an RPG for the modern era.

Expect more details to be revealed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, not just for "The Division 2" but other Ubisoft titles as well.