'The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind': Which Animal Allies Can Aid the Warden

The Warden is the new character class set to be introduced in 'The Elder Scrolls Online's' 'Morrowind' expansion
The Elder Scrolls Online official websiteThe Wardens inside 'The Elder Scrolls Online' can travel together with grizzlies

Understandably, the new areas to be added to "The Elder Scrolls Online" via the "Morrowind" expansion are the features getting the most attention, though players should know that there are other noteworthy inclusions, such as the new character class.

The new character class is known as the Warden.

In the game, the Wardens can progress along different skill lines that can lead to them developing different specializations, but that may not even be their most remarkable feature.

Wardens do not need to rely solely on themselves as they can call upon a variety of animals that can aid them as they go journeying through different areas.

Developers listed the different animal companions that can assist Wardens in a post on the game's official website.

Wardens can summon numerous creatures to help them out over a certain stretch of time.

For instance, players can call on Shalk and Fetcherflies to inflict magic damage upon their foes for a few seconds, while Cliff Racers can quickly swoop in and deal some physical damage of its own.

If Wardens need a bit of a magical boost, they can then summon a Betty Netch.

"Elder Scrolls Online" players looking for an animal companion that can stay with them for a little longer than just a few seconds will also have the ability to summon grizzlies. These grizzlies are formidable beasts that can grow even stronger as players invest in their development, and for the Wardens, they may even serve as the most reliable companions available inside the game.

The Wardens can also acquire some passive abilities that can help turn their animal companions into even more helpful allies.

Players will be able to see what life is like inside "The Elder Scrolls Online" as a Warden as soon as the "Morrowind" expansion is officially released on June 6.