'The Good Wife' Season 6 Spoilers: Creator Says Peter and Alicia Become A Power Couple Next Season

(Photo: Facebook/Julianna Margulies)Actress Julianna Margulies of CBS' 'The Good Wife.'

"The Good Wife" will not return to CBS until this fall, but series co-creator Robert King already revealed a major spoiler for season six this week.

Alicia Florrick, portrayed by Julianna Marguiles, is in an unorthodox marriage to Peter (Chris Noth) after he was jailed over a humiliating sex and corruption scandal on the hit television series. As a result, Alicia must provide for her family as a litigator in a law firm. However, in the forthcoming sixth season, King says that Alicia and Peter's marriage takes on an even bigger role on "The Good Wife."

"It all comes down to [actor] availability, but yes," the co-creator told TVLine while explaining that the televisions series would explore the relationship between a power couple whose public marriage has very private arrangements.

"How does that work? Can it work? Is it truly possible that you can have an agreement with your spouse that the sexual relationship is over and the love has to be put on hold, even though we're going to use each other for what power we can give each other," King queried. "Chris [Noth] and Jules [Marguiles] seem very willing to take us there, so we're up for it."

As previously reported, King said that season six will include a "bigger battlefield" as well as a "new chapter" for Alicia. Furthermore, fans of the CBS drama can already look forward to seeing a lot more of prosecutor in the State Attorney's Office Finn Polmar, portrayed by Matthew Goode. Finn became the center of a political crossfire in season five, and the actor has since been promoted to a series regular.

Also, Robert's co-creator of "The Good Wife" Michelle King promised that season six would explore Diane approaching Florrick-Agos, as opposed to Florrick-Agos merging with Lockhart-Gardner.

"We will not say that it's definitely happening, but we will say that it is definitely not a thread that we're going to abandon by any means," she said, according to TVLine.

"The Good Wife" returns to CBS this fall.