'The Heart of Christmas' Starring Matthew West Premieres Sunday

Matthew West’s hit song “The Heart of Christmas” has been made into a heart-warming movie, which will premiere Sunday.

Inspired by a true story, Christian songwriter West wrote a song about the Locke family of Washington, Ill. who lost their 2-year-old son to leukemia. In the midst of the tragedy, the community came together as a beacon of light and hope for the Locke’s.

The film stars former “Full House” actress Candace Cameron Bure, Jeanne Neilson, and Kelsey Marie Kingsbury, as well as singer West.

Speaking to The Christian Post, the Grammy-nominated musician said he was “in shock” when he heard that his song was to become a film.

“I never thought the song would be made into a movie, I’m spoiled now,” West explained of the satisfaction he felt about the song, “The Heart of Christmas.”

West was contacted by three different people telling the story of Dax Locke, and felt inspired and compelled to share the story through song. A self-proclaimed “story-teller at heart,” the singer added that both the song and movie encouraged people to treasure the time they have with their friends and family.

“Parents will put themselves in the position of the parents in the film and be reminded to cherish each moment because life can be brief,” said West.

Also speaking to CP, actress in the film Kingsbury answered a question about how she will apply the film’s message to her holiday season this year.

“Christmas is about God and family and everyone is really busy,” said the 16-year-old actress. “After the film, this Christmas I want to take time to individually spend time with each one of my brothers.”

In “The Heart of Christmas” the Locke family seeks help from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where Dax is met with the cutting-edge treatment resources for leukemia.

“God is using St. Jude’s to do miracles in children’s lives,” West affirmed of the Memphis, Tenn. hospital.

Part of the film’s proceeds will contribute to the $1.5 million it costs to run the children’s hospital for a single day in honor of Dax Locke.

West’s music video for the song, “Heart of Christmas,” includes scenes from the upcoming film. Watch “The Heart of Christmas” here.

The film, “The Heart of Christmas,” airs Sunday, Dec. 4 on GMC at 7 p.m. EST and again at 9 p.m. EST.