The Kardashian Baby Effect on Young Christian Women: Does Success Give Us a Pass on God's Word?

Kim Kardashian's recent announcement that she was pregnant with Kanye West's baby raises questions about role models, morals, success and God's Word pertaining to young women and celebrities.

Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, founder and pastor of Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Md., released a statement: "Societies celebration of the Kardashian pregnancy to Kanye West while still married to someone else says to America's girls, if you are an entertainer ethics are elastic and Christian convictions are convenient."

Although the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has filed for divorce from the NBA player, Kris Humphries 72 days after tying the knot in October 2011, she is still legally married.

Associate Youth Pastor Duane Watts from Holy Temple Church in Philadelphia, Pa., is dumbfounded by the attention that the Kardashian baby news has garnered. "In society today, there is a warped definition of what success is. However, in the life of every born-again Christian, young or old, God's standard should be the only criteria we are governed by."

Watts further explained, "God's word teaches that good success come as a result of adhering to Godly statutes within His word and even loving to obey His commandments. In short, obedience to God breeds success. Anything else is not truly success. What is seen in the glamorized life of Kim Kardashian and main stream is that their kind of success is defined by another standard not of God. Our youth see this sort and began to follow after it even if they aren't aware. Hearing celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and young women state that they go to church or are Christian ends up leaving an inaccurate standard impressed upon our young people. Unfortunately, the notion this gives to our youth is that spiritual drifting or living contrary to what God says is acceptable. They may be Christian. They may attend church each week. But the proof of what we are digesting is in how we live between the visits."

Reality star Kim Kardashian's influence is significant with over 17 million Twitter followers and 12 million likes on Facebook. The Kardashian mania has left religious authorities questioning whose voice has become the loudest in the ears of young women: God or celebrities.

"It depends on the person and how much they idolize celebrities," said 20-year-old college student Alisha Parker. "I don't believe that you should lose your personal values because someone else does. Kim Kardashian is her own person and has to answer to her God for her decisions. I am my own person who is not swayed by what a celebrity does. I don't base my life on other people. My decisions are not altered or influenced by others. Celebrities are not my God."

While controversy and criticism followed the Kardashian baby news, there is also excitement as well. The Kardashian sisters took to their Twitter pages expressing joy and happiness for the couple.

The president of E! told the Hollywood reporter in a statement: "Kim and Kanye are an incredibly dynamic couple, and their baby news is just so exciting. Like so many Kardashian fans, we love it when this close-knit family gets even bigger. We look forward to sharing the joy as they prepare for more diapers, more bottle and without a doubt, more fabulous baby wear."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dating for eight months. They have not released an official date of when their first child together will be born.